Day 24 - Transit (06/12/11)

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Today was a pretty short day, we just went to a park, and then had free time in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening.

One thing that we've been experiencing all trips, but especially today, was transit. In the US we are very used to driving just about wherever we want to go, otherwise taking a bus or an expensive taxi. In China, most people tend to walk or bike if they can; otherwise the bus and subway are frequently used. The subway system is very good here in Shanghai, and also was very good in Hong Kong. You can get anywhere in the city within a short time, and there is a map available at every stop, as well as a live indicator on the subway.
People are generally very friendly on the streets while walking as well. If you need help getting somewhere, and they can speak to you, they will be more than willing to help.

Today we got a little lost heading back to the hotel from the subway station, and we asked for directions from an older lady. She accidentally sent us the wrong way, and actually had a young boy ride his bike to find us and correct the directions. I feel like, if this was in the US, they wouldn't have gone through the effort of sending someone to correct the directions.

We found some twins at the garden
Checking out the fish
Eating Xiaolongbao

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