Doing Business in China, by Tim Ambler and Morgen Witzel

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Reading this book after the trip makes me wish I at least read the beginning before we had left. Doing Business in China by Tim Ambler and Morgen Witzel covers various topics about business differences between the Chinese culture and the Western culture. Starting off with an intro about some differences, the book also covers why you should want to go to China, ways to prepare for your trip (including things you should understand before you go), differences in culture (from values to beliefs), and suggestions on how to fit your business into the Chinese environment.

While the book was published back in 2004, the information it provides is still quite valid. The introduction alone is worth the read, as it talks about the different cultural shocks that the author experienced in doing introductory business in China.

The most important thing you can do before heading to China is to do some preparatory study beforehand. Understanding cultural differences is the most and best thing you can do before you head over to China. You should understand that there is a group attitude in China, and depending on if you are in or out of that group, people will treat you very differently. Along with understanding in-group/out-group behavior, you should understand the difference in power distance in China. You should also understand the general geography of where you are going, along with the etiquette/manners that are expected.

The book also addresses Market Research; however this part of the book seems to be dated. Back in 2004 there wasn't a lot of information about the Chinese market because we were only just starting to interact with China at the time, but now that we have had about six years, there is a bit more information about what the market demands.

As the book goes on, it gets more and more in depth toward how to succeed in business in China. The book even covers a few Chinese values such as Guan Xi, your on-going relationship with another person, what influences it, and why it is so important. I would definitely suggest reading this book if you intend to pursue a business career in China. I would even read the first two chapters if you're just planning to visit China, no business involved.

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