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The service industry is different in China compared to the United States in terms of apparel. It is evident by eating at various restaurants and doing a lot of shopping that employees must all where the same clothes. In clothing stores it is often an outfit in the style or brand of the store and every member wears that same outfit down to the color and accessories. In restaurants the clothing is often matched to the theme or atmosphere of the restaurant. In some restaurants the women all wear the same fancy dress and in others it's more festive with the women wearing bright skirts and beaded tops. In America the dress code is different. If you work in a clothing store you are often suppose to wear something with the brand name or just a plain colored shirt without any writing, but in a specific color. For restaurants the code is about the same except many have custom t-shirts with the name on them that the employees wear.

I think the reason for these differences comes from Americans wanting to be individuals and unique. We like to have nice brand name items, but not the same as everyone else or at least in a different color than our friends. In China however it's important to be part of a group so wearing the same clothing as your employees' makes you part of the in group. When you walk into a store and see all the employees wearing something you might think they have that so I must have it to. This idea was also discussed in our lecture on culture in Tianjin.

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