Economic and social reform?

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Today after lecture, I stayed to talk to Professer Yang about, well a lot of things. One of the main topics that stood out was how China's government affects and essentially controls what people think and then their economy. It's really fascinating to see how it's all interrelated.

So China's projected time to catch up with other western countries in terms of grasping and forming a quality understanding of the goals of service quality is about 50. Why 50 years? That's a pretty long time. Well it is intertwined with the government system here in China. The problem is that the officials here are all concerned about other things aside from daily activities. These officials are not elected by the people, but by a higher "power". There are also 1.4 billion people to govern and this goes along to say that having a social reform would probably ruin the country if it happened immediately. So the problem here is that law isn't really a priority here, which would be made a priority if officials were representing the people. Without law, services industries are left without rules and regulations that create a positive service performance. Instead there is a sort of "guide line" which as we have all seen from the traffic, horrible queues (train station) etc. 50 years was projected because given a new and younger generation of leaders who may have been able to study abroad and have a wider range of views would probably lead to more informed decision making. At the moment, China observes the two best Chinese examples of economics (Hong Kong) and government (Taiwan). Maybe in time, maybe not in my lifetime, China will be able to adapt both these prime examples.

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