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it seems at every lecture, the professor talks about the word face and what it means to the Chinese people. It means being conscious to how other people view you and what they think of you. A good example that a teacher used was that he lives about a 5 minute walk from school but instead of walking each day, he bought a car. He said he really didn't need the car or want it for that matter but all of his colleagues and people of his "status" had one so he also had to get one. I don't really think that this type of mentality carries over to this extreme in the US because I know quite a few people that are "well off" and you would never guess it based on their type of lifestyle. Ever since hearing about all of this I have noticed it all over China. Every business we go into is very well put together and fancy towards the people that are visiting. They have huge halls for meetings, art up on the walls, flat screen TV's everywhere and the architecture is very modern. It is all different forms of face for the customer to see how well the company is really doing and that they should invest their time or money into what they are doing. This does have some correlation to the US because all of the big companies back home have very nice facilities that are geared toward making it look like they know what they are doing and are doing it well.

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