Fireworks Show

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Yesterday when Bailey and I were walking to the ATM, we noticed many people setting something up on the sidewalk. As we got closer to the crowd, we realized they were putting together a fireworks display for the public. I have to admit, getting to witness a fireworks show in the streets of Tianjin was a pretty cool experience. However, while watching the colorful sparks fly into the air, I couldn't help but think about the safety hazards associated with the situation. Not only were the fireworks being lit in the middle of the sidewalk, but there were also no cones or caution tape to block the area off. Many pedestrians were walking around nearby and if something went wrong someone could have gotten seriously injured. In the United States, setting off fireworks is illegal unless you have a permit, but this is clearly not the case in China.

I have come to realize that for the saying "anything goes" is the norm in China. Thankfully, no one was hurt during yesterday's fireworks show, so I can just add it to the list of new experiences while studying abroad!

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