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This trip has taught me a lot about friendship and being open minded. If I hadn't gone on this trip, I guarantee you that the Courtney would still be known to me as the girl with a super decked out laptop that has no use for it's capacity because I'm sure she doesn't play video games. Blake would be the guy who sat between two Asians during Organizational Behavior Management. Brian would be known as the guy who plays ping pong with a tennis attitude from my freshman year. Everyone follows in the same pattern.

Being able to communicate with people from different walks of life could only have been possible through this trip. Dr. Li has really put together a life changing program. Along with the perks of the academic part, I feel that one of the most important parts about this program is the ability to learn, explore, accept and be happy. Everyone who has lead this trip in one way or another has always ensured that we (the students) have had optimal opportunities to experience and be happy.

After learning about my culture (Chinese culture) and learning about business in China, I have also learned to appreciate accept and grow with people from different walks of life. Everyone is so amazing in their work, personality and ability. I have to admit, judging is one of my protruding attributes, but this trip has allowed me to learn to accept things that I find different or strange and that people are honestly just people. There is no need to worry about a lot of things..... Just be happy, learn, be curious and play. This is the gist of what this trip has taught me aside from the academic part.

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