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Friendship. Acceptance. Life.

These three words have been in my head during the whole trip. I believe that these words form together into what is called "China". Being in this country has taught me many little life lessons that have been told to us along the way, which has been changing me continuously as an individual. I am also happy that we have had all of us as students to partake in this wonderful experience, one that I am absolutely delighted about. Meeting everyone in this group has given me the view that everyone is unique in a good way, and I do not think negatively about anyone at all. This is one aspect that I would like to bring back, which is never to judge people until you establish a relationship with one another.

Again, thank you Dr. Li for giving us the opportunity to travel and experience the cultural and business aspect of China. As Alexander has stated, I agree with him in saying "the most important parts about this program is the ability to learn, explore, accept and be happy". Just being in China is everything I need right now.

I hope my parents will travel with me to China once my brother and I graduate from school. I have learned a little bit about my culture, the business in China, and learning to accept, appreciate, and grow as a person with everyone that is with us on this trip. Meeting new people, being honest, and teaching people about what I have learned is the best feeling I ever had while in China. I feel like I will cry so hard when I get back to the US to see my parents, brother, my friends, especially my new friends I have met on this trip. Let's all plan some special when we get back to the USA, okay everyone?


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