In Tianjin 2nd Week - Huawei and their practices

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Today for our lecture, we talked about Huawei and their practices. First of all, I learned how transitioning from a Chinese market and entering has its differences, so it is not easy to transition for some of the international businesses. Although I have recognized Huawei in the past from various blogs about mobile devices, I am surprised that they haven't been able to market their products more in the US, since their products are comparable hardware-wise and less expensive. Professor Bing Ren did a great job talking about what practices this company can make to go competitive, such as going public with an IPO, marketing their products more to cater to consumers, and showing what kind of power this company actually has internationally.

Relating to this topic, I've learned more about practices in marketing to consumers in China to the US, and how some differences, even small, can make you go huge in any market. I wish I could work for a company such as Huawei to help them market their product in order to gain a substantial market in the US, as mobile devices are somewhat sub par compared to high tech areas such as Japan, etc.

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