In Tianjin 2nd Week - Traditional Chinese Medicine at Tasly

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Yesterday, Dr. Li gave us the opportunity to visit one of the premier pharmaceuticals, Tasly. One of the main things I got from the pharmaceutical company is how some products are grown from plants, instead of being synthetically made, instead how the United States produces their products. If I'm correct though, this is what I have seen from Tasly. I feel my familiarity with TCM products are just effective as some products from the United States to treat a symptom. One thing I remember was that I had to go in to the doctor for some stomach pain, and the doctor prescribed some anti-biotic for me. My mother then refused the prescription and just went home to give me some TCM pills that helped with whatever problem I had with my stomach.

I feel that TCM is just effective as pharmaceutical products from the U.S., although the U.S. has very strict standards on what type of products can be used for the public. Although I'm not a doctor, I will stick with my parents traditional methods whenever I need help with a symptom or illness.

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