Last day in Tianjin

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I think the best word to describe our last day in Tianjin is "bittersweet". I was really excited to move on to Shanghai, but sad to leave Tianjin and all the memories we had made there. As I was packing up my things, I felt much more sadness than happiness. The Haunting Hotel had become our home away from home and I was going to miss it... warm milk and all.

Saying goodbye to the Chinese students was by far the hardest part about leaving. I never thought that in two weeks you could grow so attached to people, but boy was I wrong. These students became our close friends and the time we spent with them is something that I will always cherish.

Although our final farewells were filled with tears, I left Tianjin with a smile. For I know that I have made new friends and new memories that will last a lifetime and there is no sorrow in that!



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