Last day in Tianjin

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Yesterday, we spent the first half of the day giving a presentation to our Chinese students and professors. My group compared and contrast shopping between the two cultrues. We in America will go to big retailers and look for sale prices. As in China they tend to get thier goods from small shoppers were haggling for the best price possible is the norm. I kinda like the haggling portion of shopping over here, since sometimes you can get up to half off of certian goods.

After we had lunch it was time for us to back our bags and head towards Suzhou. I would still like to thank our Chinese hosts as they were the best a person could have to show how genuine and real people are in China. I have never seen such an emotional outpouring as we loaded our bus to head to the train station. It is something that you would not see in America after knowing a person for only two weeks. I just hope one day that they will visit us in Minnesota and we can show them the same and give them a little bit of our "MInnesota Nice". As I feel that we have made friends for life here in China.I will miss them and trying to still in touch with them as much as possible.

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