Leaving China :(

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Today ends the remarkable trip that we have all shared in China. I am very saddened to leave, and Its been occurring to me all day that I am not ready to leave. I easily could spend all summer here. The trip has really been incredible and I have enjoyed China far more than I thought possible (and I knew going in that I would love it). But we all leave this trip with incredible memories, new friends and thousands of amazing pictures to remind us of the great times we have had. I am very excited to look through everyone's pictures and share stories with my friends and family back home. This definitely will not be that last time I visit China and I hope to continue learning Mandarin when I return to the US. Ideally I can make it back after i graduate next year :) Lastly I would like to thank everyone that came on this trip for making these 4 weeks such an incredible and memorable time. Everyone please stay in touch and I'm sure I will see many of you this summer!

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