Leaving Tianjin

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Leaving Tianjin was definitely a bitter sweet affair. It was sad to leave Tianjin and the friends we have made at Nankai University but I am also very excited to visit Suzhou, Hangzou and Shanghai. I have always wanted to visit these three cities. Several students from UMD are from Suzhou and I thought it would be really cool to visit their home town. From Tianjin to Suzhou was a 14 hour train ride, and definitely the longest time I have ever spent on a train. The ride was very cool and comfortable, we all shared rooms with 4 bunks; so we slept most of the trip. It was very cool to watch how the landscape and foliage changed as we traveled further south. Everything became greener and more tropical, definitely completely different than Northern china. On the train ride, i noticed that we were very spoiled compared to how everyone else was traveling. The 14 hour ride would definitely have been a struggle sitting on small chairs and not having a bed to lay down in. Im definitely grateful we had this luxury and the train ride was a very fun experience. I will miss my friends in Tianjin but it has only been 3 days and I have talked to nearly all of them through email.

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