Lost in Translation

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Alright, so today is our last day in China and it was kind of a subdue type of day. Went and did a little sightseeing this mourning after a night out in Shanghai celebrating Vince's birthday. I came back and relaxed drank some water from being dehydrated from last night. Meet up with our tour guide Joe to take us to dinner. We went back to the Yuyuan Park to pick up Dr. Li. So, while we were waiting there I ducked into a place to see if there was a bathroom nearby. When I stepped back out the group was gone and I couldn't see them. One thing nice about being 6'2" in China is that you can see for along way in a crowd since I'm about a foot taller than the population here. I figured that soon they would notice me missing specially since I'm the biggest dude in the group. Hard to miss a tall white fat guy in China. That is what I find amusing. So, after ten minutes waiting for them I figured I go look for the bus, one thing I have learned is you always return to the last spot. So, after a couple of laps looking for either the bus or Joe looking for me a return to scene of the crime. I waited for about 5 minutes and saw Joe coming my way. When I yelled at him I don't think I ever have seen a more relieved person in my life. He escorted me back to the restruant an got to enjoy our final meal together in China.

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Thank goodness for Joe the guide, he is one hell of a man.

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