McDonalds In China

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So we have hit up the mickey d's a couple times since being here in Tianjin and Dr. Li had warned us before that the food is actually much better here than it is back in the states. To my surprise, he was telling the truth. I don't know what they do to it here, but their big macs just had a different taste to it that I really enjoyed. It could be that I was getting sick of the chinese food (which I don't really think I am because I still really like all the different market food and restaurant food we have been going to) but like I said it just seemed different and better. I hope eating this stuff over here doesn't make me crave it when I get home because that will just be torture.

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I love MacDonald's food and every weekend for fun and enjoyment i'll go there.That's a good food chain all over the world.

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