Shanghai: Day 1 (June 10)

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I was taken by surprise when we got to Shanghai. It looked just like we entered a city in the US, only ten times larger. It was amazing! The part of the day that stood out was when we headed to the shopping area later that night. It looked nothing like what I expected it to look. I had more of a European look and feel to it. From what I was told, the shopping area did have European influence, so that may be why it looked the way it did. Everything looked so tall. It was like being a mouse in a mansion... or something like that. I didn't realize how modern everything looked here, especially in Shanghai. This area also seemed like it was a hot spot for tourists. It threw me off a little to hear English being spoken almost everywhere I went in that shopping area. It was cool to see how far Shanghai has come from even ten years ago. It was a good first night in Shanghai.

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