Shanghai: Day 2 (June 11)(very late entry)

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Today we went to the Pearl tower to get a better view of the city. It was so cool to see how big the city looked from as high up as we were. While we were there, we got to see images of how much change Shanghai had went through in the past 20 years. The changes were drastic. I was amazed at how fast the city has grown. My favorite part of the day was the time we spent at The Bund. It was one of the largest shopping streets I have ever seen. There was so much to do there. I loved the atmosphere of the people and sounds everywhere.
What I noticed about this place was the amount of effort people put into getting people to visit their shops. I'd find vendors left and right trying to get us to go to their shops. Their would be people trying to lead us to many shops that they work for on the streets. It was different from the US, where the only thing stores do is use advertising and PR; they don't physically drag you into their stores. It was fun, either way.

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