Shanghai: Day 3 (June 12)

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Today was the last full day we had in Shanghai. It was a relaxing day for the group. We started out visiting one of the famous Gardens in Shanghai. A shopping area surrounded the garden, and we got to explore the area after we were done. We had 5 hours to explore, but a few people wanted to go back early (including myself), so we decided to take the subway back to the hotel. We had taken it the night before, so we knew how to get around on it. It was a different experience. I had never been on a subway car before Shanghai. It was good that we only needed to ride one train to get to back to the hotel. However, once we got off the train, it was a different story. We kind of got lost. By 'kind of', I mean we thought we were lost, but we were actually going the right way, so we asked for help and got pointed in the wrong direction which caused us to actually get lost.
During all of this, I found out one cultural similarity: people love street performers. Apparently, when two people walking down the street get tired of looking for a hotel and begin to beat box (make cool noises with their voices that sound like music), passer-byers begin to clap and enjoy that music. It was cool to know that people in China wouldn't be freaked out or confused by two American kids making strange noises down the street. It was a nice way to end the trip.

PS: The taxi drivers in China are INSANELY FAST AND AMAZING DRIVERS!!!!!!!!

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