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The main thing I noticed yesterday is that Shanghai looks much different during the day than at night. When we arrived on Friday, it was very dark and rainy which made it challenging to get a clear view of the city. Despite these weather conditions, I remember being impressed by the bright lights, tall buildings, and mass amounts of cars on the streets. This coupled with our trip to the fancy french concession street gave me the impression that all of Shanghai was extensively developed.

However, this is not the case. Although most parts of the city are extremely urbanized, there are other areas that remain in poor conditions. When I saw these segments of the city I was confused. We have been told on multiple occasions that Shanghai is considered a city of the future and because of this, I was expecting every part of it to be widely developed.

Our tour guide mentioned that these conditions are a common theme throughout Shanghai. He also stated that plans are in order to repair these areas, but was unsure when the projects would be finished. All of these improvements and renovations make me want to return to China a few years from now to see the finished product!

Modern Shanghai:

Shanghai in shambles:

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