Silk and More (June 9th)

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The silk factory was quite a memorable experience in Hangzhou. I was quite amazed at how many uses silk has and how many products can be produced from it. The silkworm's entire life cycle is around two months and each cocoon can be unwoven to a length of 1000-1800 meters. The products that were sold at the silk factory ranged from underwear to bedsheets. Some of the products produced were: ties, quilts, robes, dress shirts, children's clothing, dresses, coats and scarfs, just to name a few.

We also went to an area designed like the ancient Song dynasty and saw a performance that was nothing short of spectacular. The show was split into multiple scenes that depicted important Chinese individuals and history. My favorite scene was when the warriors engaged in a fierce battle. The theater that we saw the show in used a plethora of stage sets and effects to present the various stories. I was again impressed by the attention to detail and the all-in mentality that I have observed throughout the trip. The stage opened up multiple times to reveal a large pool of water and waterfalls streamed from the back of the stage. In addition the show's visual effects were made possible by massive screens which streamed video and visual effects for the duration of the show.

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