Suzhou to Hangzhou (June 9)

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Today we are heading to Hangzhou, but before that we went to a well known silk factory in Suzhou. It was cool to see how silk cloth is made and the amount of effort is put in to make one garment. We started the tour with an introduction to the silk factory followed by the tour and ending with a showcase of the products made with the silk. Throughout the tour, we saw the way silk was made in the past and how it is made in the factory today. It was cool to see how similar the methods were to get silk was from the past and today. Even though they use heavy machinery to make gathering the silk easier, they still had workers that did they very detailed tasks: checking for bad silk chrysalis, checking water temperature, etc. It seems that when people in China create something of value, they put a lot of effort and time into it. I saw it in their cakes and meals, performances (such as the one we saw that night) and the image of their cities. If I learned anything today, it's that I need to put effort into the things I do.

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