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Suzhou is very smoggy, but other than that, it was amazing! One place that I want to highlight is not one of the places that we were required to go, but for the KTV in Suzhou. It was AMAZING! The theme was Star Wars!!!! We arrived at the KTV and from the outside it looked like some sort of alien space craft. I then noticed that around the perimeter there were little statues of R2-D2 surrounding the building. Once inside, we were greeted by a Jar Jar Binks standing near a futuristic information desk/register. The halls they led us down felt like going down one of corridors of the Death Star, only with more lights. And as for the room we sang in, it was designed to look like a console room. The console we chose songs from even looked like it belonged in Star Wars. Once again, I could tell that the Chinese take their karaoke seriously.

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