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Yesterday our group had the chance to hear from Dr. Yeulin Li about competitive intelligence in China. Until now, each lecture had been given by a male professor so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Dr. Li was a female! I thought it was very refreshing to get a woman's perspective on doing business in China.

The main thing I noticed throughout Dr. Li's lecture was her teaching style. Unlike most of the professors that we have heard from at Nankai, it was very interactive and laid back. She made sure that each of us had a chance to state our opinions and even had a group activity planned for us! I really enjoyed how she got everyone involved and the fun and open learning environment that she created for us.

I also enjoyed hearing about Dr. Li's career as professor in the United States. After hearing her story my eyes were opened to the possibilities that exist in the educational world. As I continue on my journey to become a professor I will now consider what it would be like to teach abroad!

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