Think I got the traffic in China figured out.

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If you have been reading this blog, you know of all the honking going on in the streets. Only place you would hear this much honking is in NYC or Chicago. But I think I finally figured out the honking system here in China. The majority of the time it's not out of angry, but for a cautionary honk. Drivers honk when they over take a car to warn the other driver "Hey I'm over here" or making a turn " I'm turning and you better watch yourself". Their our some other honks but this the majority of the honks are for. Just glad we don't have this in the states other wise I probably be pretty busy taking horns out of the cars in the middle of the night so didn't have to hear people honk all the time.

At Master Kong's yesterday I got so close to drive the train and then I got turned down at the last minute. So, far I've been struck down from driving three buses and a train on this trip.

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