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It has been about one month in a foriegn land that is worlds apart from the one we all come from and I have to say... I dont think I am ready to leave just yet. When I first signed up for this program I figured that a month away would be the perfect amount but I have come to realize that this is really just scratching the surface for what this country really has to offer. We easily could have spent the entire time in any of the cities we visited and never ran out of things to do. In each city we toured multiple famous tourist sites a day when we could have spent the whole day just at one to really take it all in. All the tours felt like just a glimpse into what china really is and that there is so much more out there left to be learned and explored. This program has taught me so much more than any textbook, teacher or sit down classroom could have. Getting out and seeing all of the sites and how the Chinese people act in person gives you actual perspective on how everything truly operates over here. Not to mention meeting and interacting with all the people that you would never of dreamed you would ever cross paths with in a lifetime. I will miss every student from the Nankai University that I had the privilege to spend this last month with. I hope that in the future we can all stay in touch and see where we all end up. As for the UMD students, it as been a real pleasure getting to know everyone in this group and I hope that once we are all back in the states, we can still get together from time to time and stay close. Other than that, China, it has been a good ride but I guess it is time to say goodbye for now and get back home.

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