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Book Review: The Coming China Wars

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I chose to read the book "The Coming China Wars" by Peter Navarro for the trip. Basically this book tries to point out all of the problems that China is/can/will present to the world and world economy. It covers a lot of different topics ranging from counterfeit products, pollution and overtaking the production market to their overpopulation, oil usage and problems with their government. While you have to be skeptical about all of the facts he uses in the book, there are a lot of things that I did notice while on the trip that he did mention in the book. Things such as the heavy pollution, overpopulation and especially the counterfeiting market. You couldn't walk down a shopping street without being dragged into a back alley store where they sold knock off products for 10% of price of the real deal. I think this book made a lot of good points that should be seriously looked at but at the same time you have to use an open mind on some topics and see if they really are what he says and not just used as a scare tactic for anti-Chinese growth. Either way the book was a good read and pretty interesting.

An American's Guide to Doing Business in China gives United States businessmen the basic information needed to create and keep a business relationship with China. It helps by starting readers out with the basics on how to begin your journey in China and go further into the many ways your business practices can succeed in China. Although this book is dated back in 2007, it is still a helpful resource for those starting business relations in China.
In the beginning, the book describes the basic necessities of doing business in China for the first time. It gives a little bit of background on China, such as its growth in the business world and economy and health and safety precautions. They also give a little detail on the political climate of the country as well as the relationship that China has with the United States. It states how the country is trying to establish its place in the world economy through changes it has made such as accommodating those who are moving from the countryside to the big city, decreasing the income gap and changing the laws on private property.
Later in the book, they discuss the culture and customs of the Chinese people. The third chapter discusses the importance of understanding the language in China. They emphasize the difficulty for Americans to understand Mandarin and the importance of how you speak to Chinese people in order to have the best communication with them. The next two chapters discuss the changes in culture for old and new China as well as proper etiquette. This includes how relationships are formed, the importance of one's status/image, how to understand Chinese behavior and how to be respectful.
The later chapters discuss what you need to know about Chinese business. It gives an overview of things such as banking, transportation, laws, and shipping between China and America. With these things in mind, business in China should become easier to handle.
This book is a great way to understand how to perform business operations in China through learning how to act and negotiate with the Chinese.

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