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Book Review: The Coming China Wars

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I chose to read the book "The Coming China Wars" by Peter Navarro for the trip. Basically this book tries to point out all of the problems that China is/can/will present to the world and world economy. It covers a lot of different topics ranging from counterfeit products, pollution and overtaking the production market to their overpopulation, oil usage and problems with their government. While you have to be skeptical about all of the facts he uses in the book, there are a lot of things that I did notice while on the trip that he did mention in the book. Things such as the heavy pollution, overpopulation and especially the counterfeiting market. You couldn't walk down a shopping street without being dragged into a back alley store where they sold knock off products for 10% of price of the real deal. I think this book made a lot of good points that should be seriously looked at but at the same time you have to use an open mind on some topics and see if they really are what he says and not just used as a scare tactic for anti-Chinese growth. Either way the book was a good read and pretty interesting.

Last day of the trip... I need to go back A.S.A.P.

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So today was the last day we as a group are in China. I am sad to have left such a beautiful place so soon. I knew one month was definitely not enough time, but I have taken so much from China at the same time. This program has taught me so much more than any books or other sources of information could have provided. Just seeing the massive amounts of people in each city we were in was amazing, as everyone we see is on the run somehow, someway.

My most favorite thing from this trip is meeting all the people we have encountered during our trip, from our classmates in the program, the students from Nankai University, to other foreigners, etc. I hope we will always stay in touch, as I will definitely do my part. It was an honor to meet everyone from UMD that has partaken in this trip, and I hope we will all stay close for our entire lifetimes, where ever we we end up in our life.

Last but not least, we need to give a big thank you to Dr. Li. To all the planning to all of the food we have eaten, it was a journey for everyone. I guess this will be my last blog unless further notice. Thank you Dr. Li for allowing us to join you in the trip to China. I will be back in the near future, and will try to contact you and the rest of the group to join with me!

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