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Three goals for China

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#1) What do adults around our age do in their free time? Work, leisure activities, etc?

#2) How do college/university students seek careers after graduation? (Continue parents tradition? Ask professors? etc.)

#3) How to consumers in China spend their money? (amt. of trips, products/services bought, etc)

Side note: My parents told me bringing crispy bills without the fold over the face will give you maximum exchange rate, while exchanging old US bills will make you receive less then the exchange rate. THOUGHTS?

ex. bringing a crispy $100 will give you 649 yuan, while a old dirty bill will give you 630. (based on a 6.49:1 exchange rate)

Three goals for China

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While in China, I would like to learn more about the younger generation's culture. I would like to learn about what people around our age do for their free time.

I would also like to learn about the culture of business, do the students around our age look for internships and work during school or do they look for it after school?

It also interests me how people handle money. What is important to spend money on in China as opposed to how we spend in the US?

3 things to learn from China

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1. Understand the customs and everyday manners used in China

2. Learn more about the entertainment of China and how the increase in middleclass has changed how younger people use their free time.

3. A better understanding of the chinese stock market and how beneficial it is to invest in China.

3 goals for China trip 2011

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1. I would like to find and see for myself some of the differences in how the Chinese and US do business day to day.

2. I want to see if I can find in any differences in the way the Chinese use finance in everyday business activity.

3. I want to take in the whole Chinese culture and try as many new and different things as I can while in the country.

Goals In China


While in China I want to take in the Chinese cultural and how they live day to day. I also want to learn about their telecommunication systems and the affects of having certain potions of the World Wide Web blocked. I also want to eat some amazing food.

  1. Gain a better understanding of the differences in how IT is leveraged to benefit businesses in China
  2. Learn about the Chinese economy and the direction businesses are moving in,
    especially in the context of the world economy
  3. Increase my knowledge of the Chinese culture and customs

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