5/18/12 Summer Palace and Olympic Stadium

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Today was another amazing day! First we went to the Summer Palace which is one of my favorite things that we have seen in Beijing because it was really old and it was surprising that it is still standing. It was also very interesting to learn that only one person lived in the entire palace because it was so huge. Seeing the palace really shows that the Chinese value their history and that they will go to great lengths to preserve their landmarks. We also were able to see the Birds Nest and the Water Cube which was really cool to see as well because both of these structures are so unique and intricate. You could really tell that China really took a lot of pride in hosting the Olympics. Another thing that we were able to see was a Chinese tea house which was also very cool because they have a very keen knowledge about tea and how it is good for your body. Overall, today was a really amazing day and I learned a lot about the Chinese culture.

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