5/21/12 Chinese leadership and Dynasty Winery

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Today we had our first lecture with Professor Zhou Wei in which he taught us about organizational leadership in China. I found this lecture to be very interesting for many reasons. One thing that I found very interesting was how Chinese businesses use patriarchic leadership which means the employees of an organization treat the CEO like a father and it is like a family.Also, I learned that the Chinese value close relationships and the closer you are to the "Leaders' Circle" the better. Another thing I found interesting about this lecture is that when an employee of a Chinese business performs badly, that employee is brought in front of his/her colleagues and criticized for their poor performance. One more thing that I think is pretty unique is that the CEO/father of the company will choose a women as his successor and she is like the mother of the company. I really enjoyed this lecture and I am excited to learn more about Chinese organizations. After the lecture we took a trip to the Dynasty winery here in Tianjin and I was really happy about this because I love wine. It was interesting to learn about this business and its history. Overall, I am very happy with what I have learned here and I cannot wait to learn more.

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