5/25 Face & Guanxi and Dahui vs. Tyler rematch.

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To begin the day of we had class and it was taught to us by Professor Wang Jianyou. He explained to us about the human resource in an organization. He explained to us how important human resources is because china has the 3rd largest economy in the world. With a large economy means there are a lot of workers especially in China. MNC's have established a China center which is the headquarters of HR management for companies. The HR department has a manager who is the manager for the company. The China center helps implement corporate HR polices and provide services to the various operations in the company. The important thing that Dr. Li wanted us to learn is Guanxi and Face. From my understanding guanxi is the relationship a person has with each other. It can either be relationships at work or between different friends. Face is a person's overall image. Their image can include there apparel and emotionally how they perceive to others. Professor Wang said an example of this would be a person's self-esteem. Dr. Wang also gave us some tips if we need to ever establish a work guanxi would be to respect, for age and hierarchy, face and harmony, group orientation, guanxi, and Chinese paradox thinking.
After class today I got some food from the dining center on campus at Naikai University. I ate some pretty good battered chicken with rice, potatoes, and carrots. I thought the meal was very comparable to an American chicken dinner.
Today we also will play some sports again. I really enjoy playing badminton and ping pong. The goal of today is to try and beat Dr. Li in ping pong. After we play ping pong Jason will walk us over to the fields to play soccer and basketball. I love all of those sports and I cannot wait to interact with Chinese students.

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