Akmed and Saife

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Last night we to our first bar in Tianjin called Helenas. We didn't know what to expect as we knew that most chinese don't drink at all. However, once we got into the bar it was very much like home but much more fun. My favorite part of the night was later on when I met two students from Saudi Arabia named Akmed and Saife. These two knew 9 different languages. They knew 5 very extensively and 4 just for fun to use. They explained to me some differences between English and Chinese. In America you're grammar is what is key, while in China its your tone. They used the example of shway. Shway meant both sleep and water but how the tone is what made the difference. Shway flat meant sleep while shwaaaay meant water. This made a lot of sense and was explained very clear. We also talked about our beliefs about America. I was surprised as Akmed and Saife felt the same way about America as I did. At one point Saife was telling a joke and I noticed it was a joke by Dave Chapelle. I thought it was so cool that we both knew who he was and we had a great laugh together. Akmed and Saife told me their story of how they came to China and it was incredible. Lastly as we were leaving the bar they taught me some chinese swear words. I obviously will not be using these words but it was really fun to hear what they were and what they meant. I never expected to learn so much at a bar but this was a very eye opening experience for me.

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