Amy's 27 Credits

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Today we met 2 new Chinese Students. One whom didn't have a American name so we decided to call her Lilly. The other student's American name was Amy. Amy told us she actually has a large family and this is the first Chinese student we've met whom was a single child. She had multiple Uncle's and Aunt's and cousins all from all over Asia. Here family came from China, Japan, and Korea. The languages in each of these different places are different so here family isn't able to directly communicate with each other. Amy is the only one whom speaks all 3 languages so she's the interpreter for her whole family. She says each person will yell her name and she'll translate for them. Amy also told me her names Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I wasn't able to pronounce any of them but she told me they all meant "snow covered scenery." I thought this was so cool as I also love snow so I thought it was an amazing name. Amy told me she liked to ski also which was cool because I liked to snowboard. She said she liked to ski at some mountains in the upper eastern part of China. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be to snowboard there.

While eating with Amy and Lilly we asked them what they're majors were. Amy is a Finance major while Lilly is a accounting major. We then asked how many classes they were taking. Each was taking over 10+ classes for about 27-30 credits!!!!!! All of us from UMD jaw's dropped as we couldn't believe how many credits they took. The most any of had ever taken was 21 and they said they felt like they were gonna die. We could only assume that both Amy and Lilly got A's in all their classes. I can't imagine the amount of dedication and work they put into their school work. I know have a much better appreciation and amount of respect for all the students at Tianjin University.

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