Ancient Culture Street

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On one of our free days this weekend I decided that it would be cool to pick out a random place from our tourist guide book and go there. I had read and saw the ancient culture street mentioned a few times and it look like a fun day trip. It is also know to have many shops offering a wide range of items. I decided I that I would venture down there and our group of two grew as we met up with others on the way. Our adventure started with trying to find the right bus and bus stop. Luckily we were able to ask some of the locals for bus information by pointing to the address in our guide book. At first I thought this could be a disaster but either way it would still be a fun trip even if we didn't make it to the ancient culture street. All of us have business cards to our hotel that displays the address and map so if we got lost we would just have to take a taxi back. To my surprise we made it down there after a rather long bus ride. Upon arrival we all were hungry and we decided to get some food. A couple went to KFC and a couple went to Subway. After lunch we were ready to check out this top-ten Tianjin must see tourist site. The architecture was really interesting and deserving of a few pictures. The street was meant to resemble Tianjin's ancient buildings from the Qing Dynasty in 1644-1911. Aside from the beautiful architecture the street offers over a hundred little store and street shops. As we made our way down the street I noticed that for every four shops there seemed to be one novelty sward and knife shop. A few of the shops had stuff worth looking at but many of the shops were tourist items we had all seen before. I enjoyed our jaunt down Ancient Culture Street but it was not as impressive as it is made out to be in tourist books and websites. I was somewhat disappointed. It almost seemed as if it was out of season or maybe we just came too late in the evening. Many of the shops were taken down and the excitement very low for being in the top-ten tourist must see list.

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