Awkward moment that turned into a nice conversation

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Tonight I bought dinner at the shop across the street again. I decided to bring it up to my room to eat it. I walked up to the elevator and said hello in Chinese to the person waiting for the elevator. He replied by saying "Hello," and I waited a little while and said "Hello" back to him. After a few moments, I tried asking him if he was visiting from somewhere with pretty emphatic gestures. The embarrassing thing was that he actually spoke pretty good English. He told me that he was visiting a friend at the hotel and that he is from Tianjin.

It turns out that he actually lived in Toronto for about eight years, which he told me after I asked him if he knew where Minnesota was. He said that the only he knew or heard about Minnesota was that there are a lot of white people. I told him that that was correct. I also told him about our trip and the we are currently studying here. He said to have a great trip and we went our separate ways when we made it to the 6th floor.

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