Badminton in the Afternoon

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This morning the lecture was on Human Resource Management which was very interesting. It talked about many push and pull factors for businesses in China. After the lecture we played sports in the afternoon. This was my second time playing badminton in China and I felt that I was getting a better hang of it. I'm still very bad at serving the birdie. This badminton was a little difference then the first game because the first game we had the whole gym to ourselves but this time we were mixed with a lot of Chinese students. This game seems to be very popular in China. I didn't get to play a lot this day because there was a lot of students today. I did get to play one game and the chinese students were very good!! While we were playing badminton it was the first time it rained in China. I was surprised at how fast the weather changed. It seems like it only took a matter of minutes for the sky to turn completely green. The storm didn't last long but there was a lot of rain and I even saw some lightning! I am so glad that we have had very nice weather in both Tianjin and Beijing I hope the rest of the trip stays like this.

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