Crafty Street Vendors

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"You are not a hero, until you have climbed the Great Wall." This Chinese saying was said many times by our tour guide Lina, and after completing the trek that is exactly how I felt. I have never had to go up and down so many stairs in my life, from very steep to relatively flat, they nearly got the best of me. I was exhausted at the end but riding the toboggan down at the end was too much fun. It was this day that I also encountered my first street vendor.
We had some time before our bus would leave for the hotel, and there was plenty of shopping opportunities to take advantage of. The kiosks were filled with random merchandise from chopsticks to silk robes and were being peddled with great tenacity. My first encounter with a vendor was over a t-shirt that caught my eye. As soon as she saw me looking at her goods, she immediately interacted with me, asked for my name, and invited me inside her tent. Once in there, she began the bargaining. She blocked the path out and began pulling all the t-shirts out she could; different sizes, different designs, and colors. She was rambling off prices the whole time too. Initially, she started at 120RNB but it took tons of haggling to finally walk out with 50RNB (which, i found out later, is too much for that kind of t-shirt). Either way, I was hooked and enjoyed haggling with vendor after vendor until it was time to board our bus.

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