Came to China to Meet a German

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For the second time today, third time overall, I found myself in the Italian Style Town. Once again, Jewel accompanied Brian and I there but this time so did Kannetha and Samantha. We were all in search of some place to sit down and have a drink when we ran into Pulander, an outdoor-seating, German-style, venue. Brian and I were craving dark beer since all Chinese beer (i.e. Tsingtao and Harbin) is very light. While enjoying my tall .5L of Pulander Dark, singing German beer songs with the band, and chanting "prost" Samantha invited a man sitting alone to our right, to join us.
His name was Florian and he was from Cologne, Germany. He was a very friendly man who spoke great English and was an agent for a consulting company, here in Tianjin to help a distribution company make their sorting system more efficient and effective. It was interesting to talk with him because all the strategies of organizational interventions he discussed with me, are all the same as I had learned in this past semester in Managing Change. He said the biggest difficulties he and his partner have been facing were culture differences and resistance from the managers. He plans to overcome this by using his partner's Chinese speaking skill and great knowledge of the culture in combination with his experience with mediation, to come to an agreement with management. After hours of intellectual conversion and having great German beer with him, we departed ways to find a cab back to Nankai.

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