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Today, Lisa brought me to China Mobile to purchase more minutes for my phone. The mobile store is much different than the ones in the United States. Here, instead of showcase after showcases of hot new phones, there were probably only one or two cabinets of four phones in each; and the phones weren't the hot new ones either. They were just plain Nokias or Samsung's and weren't any smart phones. It seems to me China Mobile is just a place where people can purchase a phone plan or prepaid plan. Lisa told me she just has a prepaid plan on her phone, so I'm assuming a lot of Chinese locals just purchase prepaid minutes for more of an ease. It's interesting to see how different mobile companies conduct business compared to the United States, here it is the norm to purchase minutes as they go while in America, the best bang for our buck is to have a mobile plan. I am interested in learning how data plans work for internet and what not, like do they have to pay prior to using a certain amount of internet or is only wireless internet allowed on the phones?

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