Chinese Patriotism

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While walking around Beijin we started to notice that we almost never see any Chinese flags. This is much different than America as we have flags just about everywhere for everything in any shape and size. We asked our guide Lina about if we would be able to buy a normal sized chinese flag. She told us they really don't make flags to sell except for small touristy ones. Alex B and I talked about this for a bit and had an interesting discussion. We think that since china is now the People's Republic that they don't really stand behind a symbol as much to represent them. Since china is a collectivist culture we feel that china's symbol is the people themselves as its the People's Republic. I think this is really interesting as its cool that the don't depend on a symbol as much. I love our American Flag and it would be cool to get a Chinese flag but I really like what the people of China do and how it differs from us.

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