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Today we got the chance to tour an Ikea store in China. This was interesting to me because I could see first hand how a big company like Ikea changes to the demands of a specific location and culture. Many of us have been to an ikea store in the states and know what it looks like. The ones back home usually appeal to middle class and up. The stores in america also realize they have much more space in people homes to fill where as the store here in china has to use space saving techniques. The chinese ikea uses any space available to add appeal and practical use. The table seemed to be smaller and many focused on the roundness unlike americas traditional rectangle tables that are very large. The store here attempts to make it look as close as it can to something a chinese person could see themselves living in without giving up that modern look. It actually surprises me that this store does well in this culture because it seems very western. It was interesting to learn that the store has expanded throughout china and have a early start in the country. The company doesnt do much advertising besides ads it delivers to its customers and a few posters here and there. It mainly relies on its good name to spread.

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