Day 2

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During our visit to The Great Wall, I had my first experience bartering with the Chinese. We had to walk through the market to get where we were going and the Chinese flocked to us right away with anything they had to sell. They had hats, sunglasses, tee shirts, dresses, post cards, jewelry, and every little knick knack possible. We kept walking through the market and the Chinese kept following us. Brian and Alex found some things they were interested in buying and the Chinese wrote their name down and made them promise that they would come back after we saw The Great Wall. Once we got back from seeing The Great Wall, I was surprised that they did indeed remember Brian and Alex and followed them around. Some of us students bought shirts that said "I Climbed The Great Wall". The lady started my shirt out at 180 yuan (about $30). I said no way and started to walk away and she quickly changed her mind and said she would negotiate. She lowered her price to 70 yuan. I said I would only pay 25 yuan (about $4) for the shirt. She said the shirt was great quality and she would not take only 25 yuan. I started to walk away again when she changed her mind and agreed to give me the shirt for 25 yuan. It was really interesting to see how persistence the Chinese are and how they will do anything for money.

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