Day 4

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Today was our last day in Beijing. We finished it with a tour of the temple of heaven and a very interesting hotpot dinner. But the most amazing part of the day was attempting to wheel and deal at the market. We spent a couple hours in a 4 story mall type structure filled with stands full of goodies. The moment we stepped through the doors our eyes lit up as everything in the store was finally at our fingertips. Many items were fake or copies which made price very cheap. They knew what items looked attractive and the suckered us all in. Ipad, silk, hand bags, shoes, cases, jewelry, and many electronics filled the store floor as we walked from isle to isle. The sellers always threw outrageously high prices out which we soon learned to counter with outrageously low ones. I scored some deals after lowering the price just below there comfort zone and then walking away. Once you got more than a few steps away they would call you back. We then took a fast train to Tianjin where Brian and I met a very nice Chinese girl who spoke almost no English. She was nice and we learned to communicate through expression. Finally we ate a wonderful Korean dinner with students from Tianjin and spent the rest of the at the supermarket and hotel.

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