Day 9

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Today was the first day I have seen real puffy clouds in a blue sky since we got off the plane in china. It was wonderful but the people didnt seem to react towards it. In minnesota I find that on beautiful days many people wonder outside more. People are everywhere trying to enjoy the most of what the sun brings. In china it seems to be different, yes people enjoy the day but no of them seem to be going out of their way to do something extra outside. It has been grey and smoggy most of the time. Many people in the U.S. have symptoms of seasonal depression. This doest not affect the chinese as much as it does americans. We were taught the first day of class the chinese dont like to complain and they would rather hold things in that put there problems on someone else. They also are generally happy on both nice and bad days unlike americans. I expected the streets to be crowded because of the nice weather but I noticed no difference in the amount of people or a change in happiness level in the people of china like there would have been in Duluth.

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