Derek Yang's Lecture

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The lecture today was very engaging. Derek Yang's lecture was about service brands in China. He explained what service was and famous service brands in China. I enjoyed this lecture more than the other ones because Derek discussed brands that are well-known and liked by Americans; including McDonald's, KFC, Best Buy, and Starbucks. He explained how McDonald's is doing well and has become more and more popular in China since the first one open in 1990. Part of the reason McDonald's has survived in China is because of the changes they have made to their company to adapt to the Chinese culture. For example, many Americans use the drive thru to order McDonald's and eat at home; causing the restaurants to have less seating space in the restaurant since it is not needed. In China, the customers are more likely to eat at the restaurant and talk with their friends while they enjoy their meal; causing the restaurant to be larger than the ones in America. Other service brands, such as Best Buy, have completely failed at doing business in China. The first Best Buy opened in 2007 and by 2011 all Best Buy stores in China were being closed. The main reason being that the Chinese focus on prices of electronics and not service. Best Buy was not able to adapt to this change and therefore failed in China. I did not realize all of the differences service brands must consider when opening a store in a new country and it was very interesting to learn.

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