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Day Eleven: Waterpark (Themepark; road roller coaster, traditional dancing), Golden Street (Shopping)
We started our Saturday very early and decided to go to the Waterpark and then go shopping. The Waterpark was very beautiful. It reminded me of a small Valleyfair with water surrounding the whole park. After we went to the Waterpark we went shopping on the Golden Street. The Golden Street Shopping area is huge, far larger then the Mall of America. We had to take a bus to one end just to get to the food court. In the center of the Golden Street is a four way intersection. The intersection has a large Golden Circle; if you stand in the center of the Golden Circle they say that you will receive good luck. I am not sure how true this is because I did not have much luck shopping. My expectations of shopping in China are much different than what shopping is really like. When we entered the first shop, I was surprised to see the first price tag say; 1200 Yuan! We shopped for about three hours and the prices in China are very comparable, if not the same or more than in America. They have high end designer stores were the prices are far out of my price range and they have lower end stores that are still costly on a college student's budget. One thing that a lot of young Chinese students are wearing right now is bibs or overalls. They look so cute and I defiantly want to buy some before I leave! Style in china is adorable. When you go out in the middle of the day every girl you see is fashionable. Everyone wears high heels and has cute outfits on. Dresses and leggings is a very popular outfit that I see in China. Also the Chinese girls do not want to get tan because they think the whiter you are the prettier you are, so many of them wear long gloves on their arms and large hats to cover their face. It is defiantly something that is a large cultural difference; Americans always want to be tan. The tanner they are they better they look. Decades ago though, Americans valued white skin as well. Before America women and men wanted to have white skin because if you worked out in the sun it showed that you were poor and hard to do hard labor. The rich do not have to work so they stay inside and have very white pure skin. I explained this to a Chinese student, Amy, and she said that that was the exact reason why they still value white skin today. Overall, even though I don't not like shopping in America shopping in China has taught me a lot about the Chinese culture through their style.

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