First Day in Tianjin

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Today we finished our tour of Beijing. Our trip to Beijing was wrapped up by visiting the Temple of Heaven, and then later shopping at a mart. The Temple of Heaven was a pretty cool experience. Various components of China's culture were on display, and we were able to view many of them in the same spot. There are many different activities going on, and one could spend an entire day participating in just one of them. A few of us had a lot fun playing with the hacky sack esque toys that many of the vendors were selling. The structures at this location very eye-catching, and provided a completely different form of entertainment to what was previously mentioned.

After we left the temple, we went to mart that had a ton of vendors with some pretty cool stuff. We all got to experience negotiating with the vendors in full force today. Since all of us are in business school it's important to experience any form of negotiation before we enter our respective positions. It was a lot of fun, and although the vendors were trying to get as much money as they can most of them were very friendly. I purchased a few items, and overall I was extremely satisfied with the experience.

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