First Day

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Today was our first full day of activities. Since we were not yet adjusted to our normal schedule, my roommate and I decided to walk around the neighborhood near our hotel. We were able to see the start of the day for the vendors and the early-rising locals. As a group we were able to tour Tiananmen Square and which led to the Forbidden City. It was nice to be able to hear and feel the history of Beijing.

We were able to have our first taste of authentic Chinese cooking. We ate at someone's house and at a local restaurant. The portions were generous and very tasty. I'm looking forward to eating this kind of food for the rest of the trip.

When we arrived back at the hotel, the majority of the group decided to walk around the neighborhood. It was cool to see the similarities and differences between the Beijing and a city like Minneapolis. It seems like everyone is getting along well and it should be a great group for the rest of trip.

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