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I have always wanted to know what it would be like to spend a day without using language. I have seen this in movies, sometimes romantic ones, where language is absent. It is shown to bring a closer connection when people are less worried about saying the wrong thing. I kind of forgot about this until I sat next to a girl on the train who couldn't speak much english at all. Her name is Jennice and she only new a few simple spoken words. I though it would e interesting to spend the day with her so we emailed each other and set up a date to see each other.
I waited to meet her in the hotel lobby. She brought a friend who understood even less english than she did. I had wifi and so did she so we sat in the lobby for a half hour using google translate until Ryan came by. We included him and discussed where to go for the day with translators and maps. We finally decided to walk around the water park until night and then go see the ferris wheel. We walked out the door to find a bus where Tyler also joined in. We searched for a bus by pointing at numbers on the map and looking for bus stops. It was entertaining and nobody was worried about anything. We rode the bus and discover that no matter what we said they couldn't understand us. This was interesting because surely they were talking about us. We took lots of pictures in the park and finally told the girls we were hungry by using a book. They agreed and we went for dinner. We used a lot of thumbs up or down to signal happiness levels. The meal was great and by this time we began understanding what each other wants without words. She got us waters and we passed the food a couple of times flawlessly. Such simple tasks become much more fun with such a high probability of doing something wrong. They girls paid for dinner but we let it slide after a slight dispute of money passing. We looked up words in the book we thought were funny and attempted to say them for their entertainment and they read english words the best they could of of my dictionary for ours. I had a great time understanding their body language because much of it was very similar to american. It was a great experience and I look forward to more like it.

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